Wednesday 10 June 2015

Man dresses up as police officer in botched attempt to free friend from jail

Bizarre CCTV footage has captured the moment a man dressed up as a police officer in an attempt to free his pal from custody.
The man used to be a police assistant at another station in the area, according to Chinese media reports, and heard his friend had been arrested for illegal gambling.

This wasn't true, but unaware he decided to don his old uniform and try to "free" him.
In the surveillance camera footage, the man is seen walking into the station in the Zhejiang Province in China and attempting to negotiate his friend's release with other officers.
He then accompanies some of the employees outside the station to continue to conversation.
Eventually, the man's disguise is rumbled and he is marched back inside, where he was promptly arrested.
The man ended up spending five days in jail.
To make matters worse, the rumour about his friend's arrest turned out to be false.

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