Saturday 6 June 2015

Hundreds Of Bodies Pulled From Capsized Ship

Nearly 400 bodies have been recovered from a Chinese ship that capsized days ago in the Yangtse River.
Disaster teams found hundreds more bodies overnight and on Saturday morning after pulling the overturned river cruise boat upright with cranes and gradually raising it up from the currents of the river.

A government spokesman said the number of people who died in the disaster had now risen to 396.
The youngest victim is reported to be a three-year-old girl, whose body was found in a cabin. 
The boat with 456 people on board overturned on Monday night in what authorities have attributed to sudden severe winds.
Fourteen people survived, including the captain and first engineer who have been placed under police custody.
Chinese authorities began on Thursday to right the cruise ship, after divers sent to search for survivors found no signs of life inside.
A huge net was placed near the two large cranes that were used to right the ship, and another one a few metres downstream, to catch any bodies.
Two smaller cranes were also on site and boats were stopped from entering the area.

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