Saturday 13 June 2015

Dallas Stand-Off: Police Sniper Kills Gunman

A sniper has shot dead a gunman in his armoured van after a tense stand-off following a bomb and gun attack on police headquarters.

The deadlock reached its climax when the man was shot through the windscreen of the vehicle following tense negotiations with specialist officers.
Police dispatched a bomb robot with a camera to the vehicle to confirm the gunman, identified as James Boulware, had been killed because of fears explosives were inside.
Dallas Police Chief David Brown said Boulware drove his armoured van, which was fitted with gun ports on the side, to the Jack Evans Police headquarters, planting bombs and opening fire with an automatic weapon.
He shot at the building from a number of different vantage points blasting giant holes in the glass front and narrowly avoiding killing an officer.
Police Chief Brown said one officer had been saved by a can of Coke. The officer had left his post to get a drink and had he not done so he would have likely been shot, he said.
After launching the attack Boulware, who was arrested in 2013 after threatening to attack schools and churches, fled the scene, leading officers on a car chase through the streets of Dallas, during which he rammed a police cruiser and repeatedly fired on officers.
Scenes of the chase were caught on camera by members of the public. At one point the armoured vehicle is seen driving straight at a police officer's car under a hail of gunfire. The officers are pictured fleeing from the scene.
In another video, posted on social media, a police officer is seen approaching the van before back up vehicles arrive and a volley of gunfire is heard.

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