Wednesday 25 February 2015

FILOXENOS represents the model Diana Kiseleva 21 years old from Russia

1. Diana, You are "Bride of the Year Russian 2015". How do you feel?
I did not expect that I would be the winner of the contest and to be honest, so far, I can not believe it. But yes, I did it and I became " the Bride of the Year in 2015 Russia ". I am full of positive emotions and I proud of myself!

2. Tell us a little about the organization, how it all happened?
There is no secret that every girl wants to try on a wedding dress. My dream has come true ! First,I want to say huge thank to Stavroulla Nicolaou, who was with us and helped us. I want to say thank you to all the organizers and sponsors of this contest. A huge thank you to all stylists , hairdressers and makeup artists , they are so worn out with us. And I want to say thank you to all participants of the contest for the support , because we were trying to encourage each other and that's why we had a friendly atmosphere. But honestly, it was very difficult,but finally, we deserve it!

3. It was a tiring night, and all the preparation?
It seems to me that it was the most tedious and most difficult night of my life , because all the preparations lasted more than 10 hours. But the night passed so fast, I am sure that everyone will remember only positive moments of this night.

4. What do you expect after this contest? Career growth, more suggestions?
Participation in this competition was an important step for me , I just do my best on this contest. I won it!  I hope to follow new career offers. I always like to discover something new!
The time has come to decide whom I want to be, where I want to work and what I really want from life. Everything depends on the circumstances. i really interested in model business, I realized how this glamorous and beautiful world can be  diverse, Interesting, but at the same time difficult and laborious, that's why I'm sure that I will accept any tempting offers.

5. Are you a professional model?

6. Tell us a little about yourself. You're from Russia, but you live in Cyprus. Will stay permanently in Cyprus?
I am from Russia, from Moscow, but I am living in Cyprus for 6 years. In Cyprus I feel like at home! I love this Island.

7. Studying something in Cyprus?
I am studying in the University of Nicosia and this is my last semester. I am studying International Relations.

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