Monday 1 June 2015

Italian air show plane crash: Sickening moment two aircraft collide over beach as horrified tourists watch helplessly

This footage shows the moment two planes collided over the ocean - watched by horrified tourists on the beach below.
The two light aircraft were taking part in an air show close to the beach at Tortoreto on the east coast of Italy, when they suddenly smash into each other, sending the planes spiralling down and spraying debris.

Suddenly, one of the planes levels out and crash lands further along the beach. The other plunges into the ocean.
Beach-goers saw the moment pilot Marco Ricci, 37, of Siena was killed. His body was recovered by divers, who recovered the aircraft using air balloons.
Italian newspaper Corriere reported that the other pilot, Luigi Wilmo Franceschetti, 43, managed to crash land and escaped with minor injuries.
A witness told the paper: "We were walking along the seafront of Tortoreto, we saw two planes flying at low altitude and not very fast.
"When [they] hit we heard a bang. It must be said that [help] arrived instantly, both by sea and by land."

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