Wednesday 3 June 2015

CCTV captures shocking moment yob hurls brick at family car in second vandalism attack in a month

The shocking moment a hooded yob hurls a brick through the back window of a family car has been caught on CCTV.
The attack on Shahid Khan’s Nissan Qashqai was recorded after the dad-of-three fitted cameras at his Birmingham home following an earlier incident.

Last Thursday night, a lout attacked, smashing the car's window as it sat on the driveway, reports the Birmingham Mail.
Mr Khan, 41, appealed for help to find the culprit, who is being hunted by police.
He said: “We are quite worried about what is going on – we are not sleeping.
“If anyone has a problem with me they should knock on my door and speak to me rather than act in this way.”
The earlier attack saw a brick thrown at Mr Khan’s front door just after midnight on April 27 as his wife and children, aged seven, 12 and 15, slept upstairs.
The self-employed businessman was home alone when the car was attacked as his children were visiting their aunt in Manchester during the half term holidays.
He said: “I started watching TV and the next door neighbour came and said somebody had damaged my car.
“I checked my car and there was a brick at the back which had gone through the window.
Mr Khan used black bin bags to cover the car window and the police visited.
He said: “I explained that they needed to do something, this had happened twice.
“I have been lived here for 18 months without incident but now there have been two in a month.”
West Midlands Police spokeswoman said: “Police are investigating after a window of a Nissan Qashqai was damaged on 28 May, outside an address in Hall Green.

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