Tuesday 23 June 2015

Beheading Killer To Be Locked Up Indefinitely

A paranoid schizophrenic who beheaded an 82-year-old woman will be locked up indefinitely in a high-security hospital after being found not guilty of murder on the grounds of insanity.

Nicholas Salvador held Palmira Silva's severed head and brandished it at a police helicopter hovering over her well-tended garden in Edmonton, north London.
The 25-year-old believed he was killing "Hitler back from the dead" at the time, his two-day trial at the Old Bailey heard.
The gruesome killing took place on 4 September last year when Salvador went on a 45-minute rampage, armed with a machete and a wooden pole.
He was caught on CCTV beheading the elderly cafe owner and two cats.
Salvador believed he was killing "demons" when he ran amok, tearing down fences and kicking down neighbours' doors.
Police helicopter footage shows the great-grandmother looking at bare-chested Salvador over her garden wall.
After a brief exchange, the crazed killer vaults into her garden and stabs her repeatedly before hacking her head off.
The final moments of Mrs Silva's life and immediate aftermath were edited out of a 14-minute clip shown to the jury.
In the footage, an officer is heard saying: "He's agitated and lethal ... he needs taking out."
Children playing nearby were grabbed out of harm's way and passed through windows as the 6ft-tall maniac strode through gardens towards them

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