Tuesday 19 May 2015

'Untouchable' teen gangster finally jailed after breaking almost every bone in man's face during mugging

A teenage gangster who was so-feared police described him as "untouchable" has finally been jailed for an attack in which he broke nearly every bone in a man's face.
Sheikh Juned is just 18, but now has convictions for arson, drug dealing, robbery, burglary, grievous bodily harm and even assaulting his own mother.

Lancashire Police asked magistrates to impose an ASBO, now known as a Criminal Behaviour Order, on Juned in March after telling the court his gang had left residents of the Stoneyholme area of Burnley living in fear.
But the request was denied because not enough terrified residents came forward to support the order.
Community PC David Cottam said at the time: "In my opinion, and that of my colleagues, that group see themselves as untouchable."
Juned, who is said to have a £10,000-a-year cannabis habit, is now finally starting an eight-year stretch behind bars after he was convicted of a savage mugging.
Burnley Crown Court heard how Juned an another man set upon victim Michael Conway as he walked through an underpass.
The thugs stamped on his head repeatedly, leaving him with multiple facial fractures.
Mr Conway had 14 teeth removed, suffered a fractured eye socket, broken nose, two broken cheekbones and a broken jaw in three places.
The roof of his mouth was also broken.
He had to have five metal plates inserted in his face and six screws in his jaw.
He is now scarred for life almost from ear to ear.
Sentencing him for robbery and causing grievous bodily harm, a judge said Juned was "thrill-seeking" and enjoying the "power to cause pain."
After the case Mr Conway, 33, who now works as a part time fireplace fitter said of his attackers: "They were like wild animals and left me for dead. My arms were grabbed from behind whilst another guy gave me a pasting.
"Pretty much every piece of bone in my face was broken - my eye socket, my jaw and my cheek bones are shattered and I suppose I just feel very lucky to be alive. These people are cowards."

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