Thursday 28 May 2015

Two-timing wife 'pinned down husband while he was hacked to death by her brother'

A two-timing mum held down her husband as he was hacked to death by her brother in a staged carjacking, according to police.
Maria Hernandez, 33, organised the killing of her husband Enrique in Las Vegas after he discovered her affair and threatened to take the couple's four children, it is alleged.

She is accused of arranging for her brother, 22-year-old Hector Guttierrez, to stage the random attack while the couple were visiting relatives in Nevada for memorial day, reports the New York Daily News.
Police say Mr Hernandez, 43, discovered his wife's affair and hired someone to beat up her lover before threatening to take custody of their children.
But detectives claim Hernandez then spent the next month planning her husband's execution.
At 2.30am on Monday, as the father-of-four checked on the engine of the van the couple were driving, Gutierrez jumped out and attacked him.
Hernandez claims she tried to defend her husband by grabbing his arms and trying to pull him away.
Hector Gutierrez
Confession: Hector Gutierrez has admitted carrying out the killing for his sister, according to police
But prosecutors say she helped to hold him down as he was almost beheaded by the gruesome attack.
Gutierrez is alleged to have then sped off in a van which he dumped in a ditch ten miles away.
Police say they found a trail of blood that stretched for half a mile up to the abandoned vehicle, which was registered to the alleged killer.
He was reportedly found by police in a Las Vegas hospital seeking treatment for a stab wound received in the attack.
Investigators say Gutierrez later confessed to the killings and said he was ordered to carry out the deed for his sister.
The siblings face charges of murder with a deadly weapons and conspiracy to commit murder.

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