Thursday 7 May 2015

Parents who drive badly outside school are 'named and shamed' on Twitter after child is hit by car

Parents who drive badly and park inconsiderately outside a school are being 'named and shamed' on social media by fed-up teachers.
The headteacher at Cavendish Community Primary School, Manchester, says drivers dropping off and picking up children outside have caused ‘traffic chaos’ for years.

Staff at the West Didsbury school have taken to posting pictures of dangerous driving on the school’s Twitter account @CavendishM20 after a youngster was hit by a car on Cavendish Road last year.
Headteacher Janet Marland told Manchester Evening News: “We’ve started naming and shaming parents who park and drive badly.
"We have a lot of comments from the local residents about parents dropping off at Cavendish blocking their driveways, parking on double yellow lines and on the zig zag lines.
"We even get parents reversing up the road. It’s absolute chaos and very dangerous. There are cars parked all over the double yellow lines outside my office.
“We try our very best. We suggest people walk in, or leave 10 minutes earlier but of course, people don’t want to when they are in a rush.
“We had a little boy knocked down last year. He was not seriously hurt but it just shows what can happen on a busy road.
“We get complaints about this all the time, particularly from parents walking children to school because they are in the most danger.
“The vast majority do park further away but there is a hardcore of people who persist on leaving their cars on double yellow lines or parking right outside the gate.

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