Friday 8 May 2015

UK weather: Britain set for hottest day of the year as temperatures soar to 27C

Britain is set for its hottest day of the year so far with temperatures ready to surge to 27C.
A surge of scorching "tropical" air from Europe will bring blue skies and sunshine across the country from Sunday.

The heat will continue to ramp up into next week with the mercury rocketing to 27C in the south on Tuesday with highs of around 22C elsewhere.
But the joy will be short-lived with fresh Atlantic winds will bring a cooler and more unsettled picture across most of the country towards the end of the week.
Chris Burton, forecaster for The Weather Network, said sun-lovers will have to put up with one more grey day on Saturday before things pick up.
He said: "Much warmer conditions are set to develop through Sunday and by the start of next week, we could see the warmest day of the year so far.
"Low pressure will continue to bring fairly frequent showers on Saturday, but it will pull away overnight into Sunday allowing a plume of warm air to head towards the UK.
"Much of the country will see temperatures rise into the mid to high teens on Sunday afternoon, with 20C likely in places in the south and east.
"Early next week, southern and eastern areas of the UK will continue to remain dry and bright with temperatures surging.
"By Wednesday, the UK will be back to seeing highs in the mid teens at best."
Forecasters have blamed the frenetic changes between hot to cold over the past month on a "meandering" set stream.
Latest Government figures show last month was the sunniest April since records began in 1929 with 212 hours of sunshine - seven more than the previous record set in 1942.
It was also unusually dry particularly across southern regions which saw below 20 per cent of the average rainfall in parts.

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