Sunday 24 May 2015

Police 'Attacked By 200' At Illegal Rave

Three police officers and a police dog have been injured after being attacked by about 200 people at an illegal rave in Lincolnshire.
One of the officers is in a serious but not life-threatening condition after being called to the rave on Saturday night.

Lincolnshire Police said all the injuries were caused by missiles thrown by the crowd.
One man and three women - aged 18, 20 and 21 from Norfolk – have been arrested.
The rave was taking place in the area of Twyford Wood near Bourne, about 20 miles north of Peterborough.
Police went to the site after receiving a complaint of loud noise and anti-social behaviour at about 11pm.
A statement said: "Police attended and found a large and illegal rave and the officers came under attack from an estimated 200 or so of the estimated 1000 or so who were at the site.
"Because of our regional collaboration arrangements we were able to mobilise enough resources to deal with the situation. 
"We have seized a number of sound amplification systems and generators and we remain at the site today."
Part of the A1 road was temporarily closed to deal with the situation.
Police said they are carrying out a full investigation and would be prosecuting anyone involved in the disorder.

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