Sunday 24 May 2015

Defiant Rita Ora's on stage rant over ex Calvin Harris: 'The music still stands for itself'

Her performance of her track I Will Never Let You Down was axed from the Teen Choice Awards after her producer ex Calvin Harris decided to block it.
So it was with a defiant attitude that Rita Ora took to the stage today in Norwich, introducing the tune to the 50,000 crowd: "You know when there is a song and no matter what happens the music still stands for itself."

Her remarks, a clear dig at ex Calvin, come after the release of her latest album was stalled because Calvin produced a number of tracks on the record.
Rita's record was meant to be out later this year, but when asked at a fashion event in New York when it will be released, she told the reporter it would drop in January.
Scottish DJ Calvin, who she split from in June, had originally produced a handful of songs and she's now working with and DJ Mustard after her ex banned her from using the songs they had worked on together.
During the interview in New York, Rita also walked when she was asked a question about Calvin blocking her tracks, saying: "Thank you, bye bye."
Someone is clearly bitter.
Calvin took to Twitter after he axed her performance at the Teen Choice Awards, telling fans: "You'll only know 1 side of the story RE Teen choice awards because I choose not to talk about every aspect of my personal life," adding, "But just know I had a damn good reason."

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