Sunday 17 May 2015

'Three Dead' In Bomb Attack Near Kabul Airport

A car bomb has exploded on a road near the main airport in Afghanistan's capital, killing at least three civilians, according to a witness.

A suicide bomber in a Toyota Corolla targeted a convoy of foreign troops on the road from Kabul's main airport to a NATO military installation nearby, a police spokesman said.
The attack was apparently targeting NATO troops but it was not clear if any of its vehicles were hit.
Shopkeeper Fraidon Khan said he witnessed the car slam into a convoy of foreigners.
"I saw three dead bodies. One of them was a child and two were women," he told the Reuters news agency.
No one has claimed responsibility. The Taliban, which have waged war in Afghanistan for more than a decade, launched an offensive in late April.
The insurgents claimed responsibility for an attack on a Kabul guesthouse last week that left 14 people dead, including nine foreigners.

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