Saturday 30 May 2015

Flammable liquid thrown over 2 children and parents during terrifying raid at family home

Police are hunting a gang of robbers who hurled flammable liquid over a couple and two of their children during a terrifying raid at the family's home.
Officers said the three men were confronted by members of the family after storming the house in Stockport in the early hours of this morning.

The liquid was hurled at the couple and the children as the gang demanded cash and threatened them, reports the Manchester Evening News.
Other children are believed to have been in the house, in St James' Way, Cheadle Hulme, at the time but were unhurt.
All four were taken to hospital for checks but showed no ill effects from the accelerant.
Police investigations to determine exactly what the liquid was are continuing.
The robbers - who haven’t been described - escaped with a significant amount of cash, watches and mobile phones at 12.30am today. Police are appealing for information and witnesses.
Sgt Greg Morgan said: “The family have been checked over by the hospital for any ill effects from the accelerant.
"Thankfully no-one was seriously hurt but understandably the family are very shook up.
“We are urging anyone with information about who may be involved or if anyone saw anyone acting suspiciously in the area to contact police.

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