Thursday 21 May 2015

Drunken man 'rampages at Disney, crashing golf buggy and almost drowning in lake'

A tourist visiting Florida has added Orange County jail to his sight-seeing tour after he went on a drunken rampage at a Walt Disney resort.
Andrew Hall had been boozing at a restaurant in Disney World's Fort Wilderness resort in Orlando for hours when he decided to leave on a bike.

A manager witnessed the drunken 27-year-old stumbling along and drove over in a golf cart to ask if he needed help.
But as the buggy approached, Hall allegedly ran and jumped into it, crashing into the plexiglass windshield.
Somehow he managed to climb into the driver's seat and as the manager stood open-mouthed Hall is said to have zoomed off towards a lake where he crashed into a pier.
The reveller then opted for jumping into the water and tried to swim away but started struggling and had to be fished out by the resort's marine unit.
After a check over in hospital Hall was arrested and charged with disturbing the peace at a public lodging establishment, grand theft and criminal mischief.
He has been booked into the Orange County jail with a $2,500 bail.
Officials said the unexpected rampage at the child-friendly resort caused $5,000 in damage.

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