Tuesday 28 April 2015

Nothing Heard From Nepali Villages For Days

Dozens of isolated villages where hundreds of people have died in Nepal's deadly earthquake have been cut off with no hope of government help.

Landslides have blocked roads to many of the communities in rugged terrain that are normally only reachable by four-wheel drive vehicles.
More than 4,000 people are now known to have died since Saturday's 7.8-magnitude tremor, but authorities say eight million have been affected.
In the latest developments:
:: Nepal's death toll rose to 4,010, with another 61 known to have died in India and 25 in Tibet.
:: Planes have been struggling to land at Kathmandu airport where the runway does not have enough parking space for all the aircraft.
:: Thousands are fleeing the fear of aftershocks in the capital, causing long tailbacks on the narrow roads through the mountains, prompting fears that the aid effort could be hampered further.
:: The first British relief team has arrived in Nepal and has begun search and rescue operations in stricken Himalayan state.
:: A team of British Army Gurkha engineers will join another shipment of UK aid which due to make its way to Kathmandu on a C-17 shortly.

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