Tuesday 21 April 2015

Captain Arrested Over Migrant Boat Disaster

The captain and a crew member of the boat that capsized off the Libyan coast killing around 900 people have been arrested.
The captain has been charged with with people trafficking and reckless multiple homicide in relation to the disaster.

The crew member has been charged with people trafficking.
Investigators arrested the men after they arrived in Sicily on a boat carrying 27 survivors.
Body bags containing 24 corpses of those who drowned arrived in Malta earlier. There are fears hundreds more were in locked the hold.
As the search continues for victims of the weekend disaster, coast guard ships rushed to respond to two new distress calls.
The calls were made from an inflatable life raft with 100 to 150 migrants on board and a boat carrying about 300 people, said Italy's Prime Minister Matteo Renzi.
Hours later it remained unclear how the Mediterranean rescue operations were going.\\

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