Sunday, 26 April 2015

'He WILL strike again': Warning of victim of paedophile allowed to live with children locked in bedroom

A victim of the paedophile whose two little stepdaughters have to be locked into an alarmed bedroom has warned: “He WILL strike again.”

The abused girl was appalled by last week’s Sunday Mirror revelation that her tormentor was now living with the pre-teen sisters – with the full blessing of social workers and police.
She was molested by the man as a young teenager and after she bravely gave evidence against him he was convicted of sexually assaulting a child and was jailed for 14 months.
But despite being on the sex offenders’ register, Devon social workers have given the paedophile the go ahead to move in with his new partner and her children from a previous relationship.
The victim said: “I fear for those little girls. It’s just wrong. They are in danger. It’s unbelievable this has been allowed to happen. It’s just not safe.”

She added: “They might be locked in their room at night, but who is going to be watching them the rest of the time?
“He could do something at any time. I can’t believe their mother has pushed for this. What if she has to go into hospital or something like that and he’s left alone with them?
“Those girls are not going to be able to enjoy a normal childhood. They’re not going to be able to have friends over for sleep-overs. It’s totally unfair.”
Under the so-called “safety plan” the little sisters have been given a baby monitor to call their mother to open the door if they need to go to the toilet at night.
Another “safety” factor noted in a shocking official report was that the paedophilewould have to climb over the mum from his side of the bed to get to the girls.
His victim said: “The abuse went on for years. I only told my mum when I was 13.
"In the trial he said he was sleepwalking, and accused me of leading him on. He did all he could to blame me.

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