Thursday 30 April 2015

Boy Pulled From Quake Rubble After Five Days

A 15-year-old boy has been pulled from the rubble of Nepal's quake, five days after the disaster.

Rescuers took several hours to free the teenager from a collapsed hotel in Kathmandu - just as hopes had begun to fade of finding anyone else alive.
Crowds cheered as the survivor, named by police as Pemba Tamang, was carried out on a stretcher, his face covered in dust.
The boy, who had been trapped between two collapsed floors, was given a drip and neck brace.
From a tragedy that has yielded little positive news, another heartwarming story emerged in the form of a photograph showing a four-month-old baby pulled from the rubble on Sunday.
A team from the Nepalese army had given up hope of finding little Sonit Awal when his father heard faint cries in the ruins of the family home.
The soldiers returned and found the baby alive after 22 hours trapped in dirt.
It has emerged that 600,000 homes have been destroyed or severely damaged by the quake.
The United Nations estimates that £270m is required simply to tide Nepal over, while 1.4 million people are in urgent need of food.
Five days on, the rescue operation is being hampered by the weather.

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