Monday 20 April 2015

Mum filmed 'threatening to stamp on baby's head' in vicious row with husband

Police are investigating footage of a mum appearing to stamp on a baby's head during a vicious row with her husband.
Vyacheslav Samoilov, 32, began filming as an argument with wife Victoria, 30, escalated into a furious slanging match.

The video appears to show her feigning to stamp on the18-month-old child's head while shouting into the camera in a park in Naginsk, near Moscow.
The film has since been passed on to police and social services who are looking into the incident.
It is understood the baby wasn't injured.
Eyewitness Ludmila Ignatyeva, 43, told Russian television channel HTB: "I saw them arguing and the woman threw the baby on the ground then pretended to trample on it.
"The man fled in one direction and the woman ran in the other and the child was left on the ground."

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