Tuesday 28 April 2015

Lads end up in Spain after boozy night out in West Midlands

Four young friends woke up in Malaga after a boozy Friday night in Stourbridge took them 1,000 MILES to southern Spain.
Matt Weyman and three of his mates caught the first flight from Birmingham Airport in an impromptu trip to the Costa Del Sol.

The four, who are all 23 years old, turned up at the airport with nothing but the clothes they stood up in and an iPhone charger between them.
Matt, who works in sales and lives with his parents in Kingwinsford, said: "It seemed like a good idea at the time.
"It started out as a bit of a joke and then it sort of escalated.
"Before we knew it we had paid £60 on a taxi and were queuing up to catch a flight to Spain - wearing jumpers.
"I was in charge of booking the one-way tickets, but I was doing it on my phone and I messed it up.
"I paid for two lots of one-way tickets for both Saturday and Sunday morning.
"We only did it because one of our mates turned up with his passport for ID to get into the bar in Stourbridge.
"We caught a taxi to each of our houses and grabbed our own passports, waking up our parents.

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